Field marketing

The deep knowledge of the market, brands and distribution, acquired over 30 years at the service of our customers, as well as professionalism and experience in the areas of Marketing and Sales, ensure the necessary know-how and make INLOCO a preferred partner in the integrated management of human, logistical and technological resources and in the implementation of market strategies.

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Areas of expertise

Management of external teams

(sales, point of sale managers, sales promoters, trainers/coaches, demonstrators, brand ambassadors)

Merchandising and replenishment

Logistics and installation of POS material

Sales promotion – Audit - Events

Sectors: Mass-market - Pharmacy - Technology - Perfumery - Luxury - Auto / moto

Our Team, Your RESULTS

The Inloco team is strongly oriented towards the service, the Brand and the results. A customer manager, single contact throughout the project - a coordinator who will act as an extension of the brand. No loss of time or information.

Agile, flexible, experienced, proactive field teams. Result of research, identification and selection of trusted professionals.